10 Most Fashionable Animated TV Characters

Most animated characters tend to wear the same clothing and style their hair similarly in every episode. This decision saves animators time, and it helps audiences identify with a character’s specific look.

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Despite only having one go-to style, their looks are so tasteful that it’s clear they bring glitz and glamour to their respective series. On the flip side, there are some animated characters who actually do have a new ensemble every episode. They are on top of the latest cutting fashion trends, and they want everyone to know it. Whatever the case, these particular characters know how to turn heads with their sense of style.

10 Lindsay Strut Like A Model

Total Drama

Lindsay smiling in Total Drama Island.

Despite usually wearing only one outfit for the majority of the Total Drama franchise, Lindsay still managed to be the ultimate fashion plate. Obsessed with shopping, clothes, makeup, and everything in between, Lindsay flaunted her stuff when the occasion called for it.

Whenever the contestants are given a challenge remotely having to do with style, Lindsay is all over it. The series usually uses her as the butt of most of its jokes, as she isn’t the brightest bulb. That being said, she is extremely resourceful with her accessories. She can always put together an ensemble, even when she’s in a pinch.

9 Trixie Tang Was A Head Turner

The Fairly Oddparents

Trixie Tang looking serious in The Fairly Oddparents.

Trixie Tang from The Fairly Oddparents is only 10 years old, yet she commands the room with her presence. Dressed in matching attire and immaculate makeup, her appearance was constantly at the top of her mind.

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All the boys at school couldn’t get enough of her sense of style either. Despite having a massive crush on her, Timmy Turner could hardly get a word in with Trixie, as she was constantly surrounded by admirers. Despite being more than a little vain, no one can doubt that Trixie was one of the most trendy kids in Dimmsdale.

8 The Ashleys Each Had Their Own Brand Of Fashion


The Ashleys from Recess.

The Ashleys in Recess shared the same first name, but they also had their savvy style in common. Each Ashley found a way to make their outfit pop by utilizing various colors. It’s especially impressive, given the girls were only in second grade.

While they certainly knew how to throw an outfit together, they also didn’t hesitate to rub it in their peers’ faces. TJ and his friends were often exasperated with the girls, as all they seemed to care about was their elite style. The other kids might have been content to play dodgeball or hopscotch, but the Ashleys would rather hang back in their clubhouse and paint each other’s nails.

7 Paulina Carried Herself Like A Fashionista

Danny Phantom

Paulina smirking in Danny Phantom.

Paulina was drop-dead gorgeous, and she never let anyone forget it. In Danny Phantom, she usually wore tight-fitting capris and a cute bubblegum pink crop top. She also would never be caught dead without a full face of makeup.

While her outfit remained the same for most of the series, Paulina could become even more dressed up when given the opportunity. Whenever there was a special occasion, like a school dance, Paulina made sure to dress herself to the nines. She was often referred to as the class beauty, and it was easy to see why.

6 Daphne Created An Iconic ’60s Look


Daphne Blake gesturing in Scooby-Doo.

Daphne was undoubtedly the stylish one of the bunch in the Scooby-Doo franchise. She was always seen in her adorable purple dress, pink leggings, and bright green scarf that just screamed the ’60s.

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Even in later adaptions, Daphne’s outfit has been morphed to adopt the latest trends. Regardless, she usually stuck to her iconic purple attire. Whenever she saw a fashion faux pas, she made sure to remedy it or, at the very least, show her disapproval. Some of her knowledge about makeup and fashion has even helped the gang decipher clues for some of their mysteries.

5 Sailor Moon & Her Friends Had A Cute & Glamorous Aesthetic

Sailor Moon

A group shot of the Inner Sailor Guardians in Sailor Moon.

Arguably one of the most iconic styles in anime, Sailor Moon created cute and iconic looks for all of its characters. Serena, in particular, stood out with her flowing golden pigtails. Her Sailor Scout uniform might not have been the most practical choice to fight crime, but it definitely looked good. The show highlighted all of her accessories during her minute-long transformation into her superhero identity in each episode.

The other Sailor Scouts shouldn’t be overlooked, either. Each one had a unique style that was personal to them. The characters’ looks complimented their personalities and made them more identifiable to viewers.

4 Marceline The Vampire Slayed With Her Punk Hair & Outfits

Adventure Time

Young Marceline playing guitar in Adventure Time.

Marceline the Vampire’s sense of style morphed throughout each season of Adventure Time, and every look was an absolute showstopper. From casual T-shirts and sneakers to crop tops and heeled boots, Marceline cemented a look that was entirely her own.

Marceline’s edgy and offbeat outfits perfectly complemented her sometimes prickly personality. Unlike most cartoon characters, her hair changed throughout the series, too. Sometimes, it would be long and flowing, and other times, it would be partly shaved and cropped. Whatever she decided to go with, her ensembles were to die for.

3 Kim Possible Was The Trendiest Spy

Kim Possible

Kim Possible and Ron Stoppable in Disney Channel's Kim Possible.

Kim Possible kicked butt fighting crime, and she did it while looking as cool as a cucumber. In Kim Possible, she always wore her signature cropped top, and she made sure to have her thick, fiery hair flowing.

Kim’s civilian outfits were also top-tier. Rather than wearing the same thing every day, Kim made sure to mix it up. She would sometimes wear cozy sweaters and jeans, and in other episodes, she modeled snappy tank tops and sneakers. On the rare occasions that she needed to get dressed up, she could go from casual attire to a cocktail dress in a snap.

2 Poison Ivy Goes From Casually Stylish To Drop-Dead Gorgeous

Harley Quinn

Harley Quinn and Poison Ivy share a moment in Harley Quinn: A Very Problematic Valentine's Day Special.

Poison Ivy may be a minimalist in order to reduce her carbon footprint in Harley Quinn, but her fashion sense definitely doesn’t suffer. When she’s lounging around with friends, she’s adorned in sleek forest green pants and heels. Her scarlet hair always falls around her in majestic waves.

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During fancier events, Ivy can build upon her cool style and look drop-dead gorgeous. She cleverly utilizes vines and leaves as accessories to compliment her aesthetic. She carries herself so confidently that there’s no question who the coolest person in the room is.

1 Sam, Clover, & Alex Always Accessorized To The Max

Totally Spies

Sam, Clover, and Alex in Totally Spies - So Not Totally Groovy.

Sam, Clover, and Alex were all so fashionable in Totally Spies that it’s difficult to pick who was the trendiest. Each character dressed in a style that represented who they were. Sam dressed in a practical and preppy look, Alex was more casual and androgynous, and Clover’s style was extremely soft and feminine.

While Clover is arguably the most obsessed with fashion, all three girls adored accessorizing. In fact, many of their fashion skills came into play when they were embarking on perilous spy missions. This crime-fighting team could always be depended on to save the day and look great while doing it.

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