Best Shonen Anime Protagonists, Ranked By Their Fashion Senses

The life of a shonen hero is far from easy, but that does not mean that appearance has to go out the window! These protagonists prove that having style is quite possible with a busy schedule and that saving lives is no excuse for a bad hair day!

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The trick is to attract the eye without compromising the job at hand, and it is safe to say that nobody here is lacking in terms of capabilities. Some of the most powerful characters pack a pulchritudinous punch, opposing their foes in the most fashion-forward ways possible. From sophisticated chic to flashy and glamorous, these popular personalities cover an assortment of trends.


11 Saiki K: The Disastrous Life Of Saiki K.

True, Saiki K wears the same streamlined uniform as the rest of the boys at PK Academy, but somehow, he manages to pull it off with his own unique flair. The perfect combination of trendy leafy-tinted glasses and bright pink hair would allow Saiki to look good in practically anything, with his suave persona and selfless attitude being the cherry on top.

When not in uniform, Saiki generally opts for a collared shirt, jersey, and long slacks, giving him the sophisticated look of a potential Lacoste model.

10 Sieg: Fate/Apocrypha

As a key component in the Great Holy Grail War in the Fate franchise, Sieg does not let his lack of humanity get in the way of his style. With the classic sophistication of a black waistcoat and breeches combo accompanied by a crisp white shirt, Sieg has a reserved, yet effective style to him. He receives a boost in attractiveness once Siegfried’s heart had been absorbed, adding some extra bulk and muscle tone to fill out his form.

Originally born a Homunculus, Sieg was destined to become a battery of sorts for the Yggdmillennia, used to enhance the Servants of Black’s powers. Thankfully, he became sentient and escaped from servitude, only to fall headfirst into the Holy Grail War.

9 Blue Rose: Tiger & Bunny

Karina Lyle has an icy touch, which forms the basis of her NEXT ability and the theme of her Hero Suit in Tiger & Bunny. In a world where the antics of superheroes are broadcast on Hero TV and ranked by viewers, appearance means everything, and Blue Rose even matches her sponsor to her color theme. Now that’s attention to detail!

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Karina has the added attention of also being a pop star, making fashion a vital aspect of this high-profiled teenager’s life. Her everyday wear sends out strong contemporary Pocahontas vibes, with muted coffee and dusty pink tones accentuated by a bold boho pattern and chic layering of fabrics.

8 Karino Shuka: Darwin’s Game

As the Queen of Thorns, Karino reflects her Sigil by representing the rose in her elaborate garment, comprising of a deep-crimson tiered dress and matching heels. Fans do not doubt that Karino is dressed in designer gear, and as one of the top players in Darwin’s Game (and subsequently one of the wealthiest), this is a fair assumption to make.

When Karino is attacked by Souta, she is more infuriated by the fact that her dress was ruined than her safety being put on the line. Ever the archetypical lady, this femme fatale rarely lets even a hair fall out of place, and is consistently the best dressed of all the Sunset Ravens.

7 Rimuru Tempest: That Time I Got Reincarnated As A Slime

Rimuru has an outfit for every occasion and…blob? Yes, even when he is Reincarnated As a Slime, Rimuru ensures to dress accordingly! Previously known as Satoru Mikami, he is now the King of the Jura Tempest Federation with the ability to adopt the appearances of others, giving Rimuru an extensive range of character designs.

When reverting to his humanoid form, Rimuru usually wears a classy navy fur-trimmed coat but is known to take up any opportunity to do dress-up or cosplay, when he’s not trying to free Storm Dragon Veldora that is.

6 Faye Valentine: Cowboy Bebop

The beautiful Faye Valentine is very attentive towards her appearance, and at 77 years old, she has evidently done a great job! After being accidentally cryogenically frozen for fifty-odd years, she was forced into a life of crime and was captured by the Bebop as a potential bounty. Thankfully, she won over Jet and Spike and joined the crew in their fugitive-filled adventures instead.

Faye’s quintessential look is comprised of cute sun-kissed shorty-shorts, a matching skin-tight collared blouse, and a contrasting rubescent jacket for a pop of extra color. And not many fans can deny the fact that Faye and Spike’s fashion tastes complement each other effortlessly!

5 Nico Robin: One Piece

One would expect an archeologist to be stuck in the past, but Robin’s obsession with history has not stopped her from keeping up with the trends. She is a huge fan of glamourous heels (which somehow do not impede her speed…) and became affiliated with the Straw Hat Pirates in the Arabasta Arc. Robin has been known to offer Luffy valuable fashion advice when needed, a true friend indeed!

Robin has become known for her dramatic wardrobe changes with outfits that accentuate her long legs and show off some skin. This “Devil Child” has been causing an even greater stir since her bra size conveniently increased after the timeskip, with a perfect hourglass figure to boot!

4 Tanjiro Kamado: Demon Slayer

One would think that saving the world would leave no time for style, but Tanjiro is fortunate to have a functional fashion-forward wardrobe at his disposal. His black-and-green ichimatsu patterned haori has become iconic, and one of the easiest ways to spot a fellow Demon Slayer fan. The sea-foam green contrasts brilliantly with Tanjiro’s ebony and burgundy hair, making him the center of attention in any scene.

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As a member of the Demon Slayer Corps, Tanjiro is expected to wear tattsuke-hakama pants with a white belt and tabi socks, however, each member is allowed to add their own personal touch, providing a colorful assortment of fashionable characters. Subsequently, Demon Slayer is full of traditional Japanese garments accentuated by chic and contemporary flair.

3 Jolyne Cujoh: Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure: Stone Ocean

Jolyne’s fashion sense never falters, even after she is wrongfully incarcerated at Green Dolphin Street Prison in Season 5 of Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure. Jolyne’s hair is a trendy combination of 90s pop vibes with a contemporary color scheme (she would fit right in with the Spice Girls!) Her figure-hugging cut-out jumpsuit reflects the webbed nature of her Stand, whilst showing off her stunning athletic physique. Unlike most anime characters, Jolyne goes through several wardrobe changes, particularly in the Manga.

Jolyne’s father is the infamous Jotaro Kujo, however, he was absent for most of her childhood. That didn’t stop Dio Brando from tracking Jolyne down and using her as a pawn in his war against the Joestar Family.

2 Alucard: Hellsing

Arguably the most dapper of all the vampire hunters in anime history is Alucard from the Hellsing, dressed head-to-toe in deep blood red and oozing nothing but style! As one of the most powerful characters of the series, his fabulous look obviously has to match his incredible skills. Alucard faces his less-than-worthy opponents in a Victorian-inspired three-piece red suit topped with a matching cravat, fedora, and round-framed tinted glasses.

Alucard possesses the ability to shapeshift, and his clothing also transforms depending on which form he takes on. He crosses the border into anti-hero territory, as an agent of the Hellsing Organization, with a particularly cruel method of vampire extermination.

1 Jotaro Kujo: Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure

Inheriting the incredibly handsome Joestar traits, and to say that Jotaro is easy on the eyes is a grave understatement. While his outfits may change depending on the situation, he is never without his trendy wide-brimmed cap and sweeping trenchcoat topped off with an eye-catching bulky gold chain, allegedly inspired by Babel II.

JoJo’s style oozes luxury that can only cost a pretty penny and the bold prints match his self-assured personality. As the first recipient of a Stand, Jojo is blessed with the incredible versatility of Star Platinum, one of the most overpowered close combat weapons in Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure.

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