Fast 10’s Intense Car-Building & Modding Detailed By Vehicle Coordinator

Longtime Fast and the Furious vehicle coordinator Dennis McCarthy reveals the secrets and process between Fast X‘s impressive car building and modding. The upcoming film is the penultimate chapter of the franchise’s main narrative, marking the beginning of the end of Dom Toretto and his family’s journey that spanned ten films across 22 years. In Fast X, Dom and his family are threatened by a face from their past, as franchise newcomer Jason Momoa’s Dante Reyes aims to avenge his fallen father by tearing the crew apart.


As reported by Total Film (via GamesRadar), McCarthy shared some insight on how Fast X will continue to up the action through the franchise’s high-speed vehicles. When discussing what sets the Fast and the Furious franchise apart from other action movie series, the vehicle coordinator explains that rather than focusing on the aesthetic details to make the vehicle seem effective, the Fast and the Furious franchise focuses on making sure that the film’s vehicles perform well and function when developing the intense action sequences. Check out McCarthy’s full explanation below:

“The one thing about Fast & Furious films is: unlike most movies, where you build a car that looks fast, and they’re not really concerned about the performance, in a Fast movie, we build the cars to get the job done as if it were on a race track.”

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Fast X Will Have A Mix Of New And Familiar High-Speed Set Pieces

Vin Diesel as Dom Toretto driving a wrecked car in Fast X

The Fast and the Furious franchise has built itself on featuring increasingly larger-than-life stunts, growing from street races to including high-stake action such as cars jumping between skyscrapers in Abu Dhabi, taking on a hijacked submarine, and large-scale car hacking pursuits. With the film laying the groundwork for an epic conclusion, the franchise’s two-part finale raises the anticipation of how it will outdo previous installments. This can be seen with Fast X‘s recently released trailer teasing Dom using his iconic Dodge Charger to escape the grip of two helicopters suspending it in the air by chains.

Despite upping the high-velocity action, however, Fast X is also staying faithful to the original premise of the earlier films through certain setpieces that return to the more low-key but still intense street races that audiences first saw Dom participating in 2001. Alongside the more intense stunts, Fast X‘s trailer features a street race between Dom, Dante, and other family members, with crowds of eager spectators excited to see the racers face off. With the franchise nearing its conclusion, returning to the street racing premise acknowledges the series’ origins one last time before the characters potentially say farewell.

Fast X promises to deliver more of the high-speed action that audiences have come to expect from the long-running franchise. As such, McCarthy’s discussion offers insight into the production, with his revelation that the series’ vehicles are specifically made to execute the film’s high-speed stunts. With the series’ nearing its conclusions, there is some intrigue about how the series’ vehicle setpieces can be topped in the final chapter.

Source: Total Film (via GamesRadar)

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