Gran Turismo 7 Getting New Content to Celebrate Franchise’s Anniversary

Polyphony Electronic celebrates the 25th anniversary of the Gran Turismo IP by fulfilling Gran Turismo 7 players with in-match material.

Gran Turismo just lately celebrated its 25th birthday. Developer Polyphony Electronic is celebrating this milestone by supplying Gran Turismo 7 players in-recreation content as a distinctive way of stating thank you to the participant base for supporting the game.

Gran Turismo is a single of the most perfectly acknowledged racing simulators out there, and it is recognized for its fantastic soundtracks and design and style-shifting automobile mechanics. Gran Turismo was a home name for PlayStation. On the other hand, because Forza started to alter the way the racing simulator genre is seen nowadays, the GT series has little by little declined. But in spite of that, Gran Turismo 7 was claimed to be a return to the glory times for the GT participant foundation, and after a thriving launch, it seemed like it was likely to be. However, the game’s deficiency of content material and flaws, these kinds of as weak solitary-participant marketing campaign design and style and auto monetization, drive gamers into employing microtransactions to get the greatest automobiles.

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Fortunately, Polyphony is nevertheless attempting its finest to make Gran Turismo 7 a excellent knowledge for the participant foundation. And with the 25th anniversary of the sequence, the developer is rewarding gamers with in-video game written content for Gran Turismo 7. Gamers will be ready to improve their benefits for any race in sports manner, permitting them to earn 5 times as many credits for every race finished. Additionally, players can also gain a lot more credits from on the net time trials. And this raise in credits will come at a excellent time as players can now invest in the new cars added to the match in the latest 1.26 update for Gran Turismo 7.

Furthermore, gamers who tune into the reside streams for Gran Turismo 7 will receive a present, and if they also tune in for the earth finals and remedy the working day 4 concern, they will be rewarded with a Ferrari Vision Gran Turismo. The most recent the gamers can tune in to get these benefits is December 4th, five times prior to Gran Turismo 7 is up for Best Racing Recreation of the Year at The Activity Awards.

Over-all, this is a pleasant way to rejoice the anniversary of a beloved and legendary franchise, as it delivers a lot more incentive for players to play and offers the player base a modest “thank you” reward for sticking all over. By the identical token, the gesture is a good contact from the developers and could even pull in newcomers to the racing sim style.

Inspite of the rewards, gamers are nevertheless dissatisfied with the present point out of Gran Turismo 7. The gamers are pleased and grateful for the benefits, but the key complications with the microtransactions and the difficulties with the one-player campaign for GT7 have not been set or tackled.

Gran Turismo 7 is accessible now on PS4 and PS5.

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