High on Life May be the Closest Things Fans Get to a Star Wars Bounty Hunter Game for Years

Star Wars fans have been clamoring for a bounty hunter game for years, but High on Life may be the closest that they will be able to get for now.

High on Life brings players on a crazy bounty hunting adventure through Justin Roiland’s imagination, and it may be just what Star Wars fans need. While the game and its world have nothing to do with the Star Wars franchise, many fans have been calling for Disney to explore the world of bounty hunting in some fashion. However, the franchise has spent a lot more time exploring the Force and its mythos instead.

The lack of bounty hunter titles has forced many Star Wars fans to look elsewhere for that type of story, and that is where High on Life comes in. Squanch Games put the bounty hunter fantasy at the forefront of High on Life‘s story, and it surrounded it with hysterical writing. The game does not go super in-depth into its bounty hunting mechanics, and it is very disconnected from the Star Wars story, but it may help scratch that bounty hunting itch a bit.


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There Seems to be No Star Wars Bounty Hunter Game in Sight

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It seems like most Star Wars games try to chase the Jedi or Sith fantasy rather than the bounty hunter one. Some of the most popular Star Wars games give players incredible Force powers to devastate their enemies. Star Wars: The Force Unleashed lets players control Darth Vader’s secret apprentice, Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order puts them in the shoes of a Jedi fleeing the Empire, and Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic lets them control a Force user centuries before the main series. Even games like Star Wars: Battlefront give players the option to play as Force users. The Force is one of the most popular aspects of Star Wars, and the games seem to make the most of it.

The future of Star Wars games looks bright as many studios are set to explore the expansive franchise, but a lot of the titles seem to still be exploring the Force. Star Wars Jedi: Survivor will continue the adventures of Cal Kestis, Star Wars: Eclipse will explore the High Republic when the Jedi were at the height of their power, and the Knights of the Old Republic remake was going to retell the exciting story of Darth Revan for a new generation. There are numerous other games in development from studios like Ubisoft and Skydance New Media, but none have been announced as bounty hunter games yet. As of now, it does not seem like Star Wars has plans to explore the world of bounty hunting in gaming.

High on Life Gives Players That Bounty Hunting Fantasy

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In contrast, High on Life puts the fantasy of becoming a bounty hunter at the forefront of its story. Players take control of a person who is forced to take up arms and hunt down members of the G3 Cartel to save Earth, and possibly the galaxy. They do this by becoming an infamous bounty hunter with the help of the freeloading alien Gene Zaroothian. He brings powerful bounty hunting gear with him, and the player quickly gets to work traversing the galaxy in search of their prey.

Players will utilize this bounty hunting machine to select their target, and then a portal will open up that will bring them to whatever planet that target resides on. They will have to overcome many trials and tribulations as they track down their target, and will ultimately kill the G3 Cartel members after a boss fight. The game has seven different bounties for the player to take out, and each one is a bit harder than the last. Once every bounty has been conquered, players will become famous within the bounty hunting community.

High on Life has nothing to do with Star Wars, but it does give players the opportunity to be a science fiction bounty hunter. It serves as a pretty funny title to tide Star Wars fans over for now, but it will probably not completely fulfill the want for a bounty hunting game. There is a high possibility it could make fans yearn for one even more, and hopefully one of the games in development will finally give Star Wars that bounty hunter adventure it has needed for years.

High on Life is available now on PC, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

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