How Fast Five Rewrote Its Script Due To An On-Set Accident

Exclusive: Icons Unearthed: Fast & Furious creator Brian Volk-Weiss reveals a shocking Speedy Five simple fact about a fortuitous accident on set.

It turns out that a person of the most iconic scenes in 2011’s Speedy Five was the consequence of a overall incident. The Rapid & Furious sequence is a single of the prime-promoting film franchises of all time, dominating the box office with just about every subsequent launch considering that the very first film debuted in 2001. While the to start with film was a street-stage thriller influenced by a 1998 report in VIBE journal (“Racer X” by Kenneth Li), the sequence has due to the fact shot into the stratosphere – both of those figuratively and literally. Each individual Quickly & Furious movie looks to outdo the previous in phrases of stunts and spectacle, but what comes about when a published stunt goes absolutely awry in the middle of taking pictures on?


In an distinctive interview with Display Rant about his docuseries Icons Unearthed: Quick & Furious, director and creator Brian Volk-Weiss disclosed a interesting Quick Five truth about the genesis of one particular of the film’s signature stunts. In Quickly 5, during the educate heist sequence, a automobile that was intended to leap over the teach in reality crashed into the facet. Rather than re-shoot the sequence, even so, the generation coordinated with a further shoot occurring at the exact time, and smoothly incorporated the crash into the scene. This is what Volk-Weiss experienced to say on the make any difference (edited for length and clarity):

Brian Volk-Weiss: The shot in the script is two folks are combating on major of a practice, and then a vehicle jumps over the practice whilst they are combating. When they shot the car or truck jumping over the teach, there was a total mess-up, and the vehicle crashed into the practice.

[With] any other film, the to start with matter they would have finished is termed the insurance business and been like, “Oh my God, we messed up. We have to have a different five million bucks to redo the scene.” The cellular phone call they produced was to the people in Atlanta capturing the inside of the prepare, and they were being like, “We obtained excellent news. We just unintentionally introduced the automobile into the teach, and it is really trapped in the train. Could you refilm what you happen to be taking pictures in Atlanta so that the car or truck is essentially embedded in the teach, and the battle that had been on the roof takes place within the automobile with the auto sticking out of the train?” And they did.

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The Threats Rapidly & Furious Requires Help Make It An Iconic Franchise

A car drags a vault in Fast Five

Anything that is effortless to forget supplied the heightened character of present day Speedy & Furious films is that many of the stunts, specially early on, were useful. In numerous strategies, be it by way of risky stunts or bold innovative choices, the Quick & Furious franchise has succeeded in significant portion due to the fact of the way it has embraced individuals hazards. Just about every Speedy & Furious movie has pushed the boundaries in a single way or another, and sending a vehicle to place in F9 is, in its personal way, as risky as driving a Honda Civic underneath a speeding semi.

Icons Unearthed‘s Brian Volk-Weiss is a solid proponent of the concept that the Speedy & Furious franchise succeeds in large component thanks to its willingness to embrace these kinds of threats and alter. Remodeling a significant sequence in Rapid 5 based mostly on an accident is absolutely a daring transfer that would probably not have handed muster on a amount of other blockbuster franchises. That sort of factor is just not one of a kind to Quick 5 either in addition to detailing the improvised scene from Speedy 5, Volk-Weiss spoke about how one particular of the most gripping sequences in 2 Quickly 2 Furious was also an on-the-fly invention.

Brian Volk-Weiss: You will find a scene in the motion picture, I remembered it vividly, where Paul Walker is driving down the road racing with Tyrese [Gibson], and they are not on the lookout at the road in advance. They are staring at each individual other, so they are on the lookout sideways although going a hundred miles an hour down a household avenue. It is a good scene it is so stress filled watching that scene, because you have these two guys driving up driving a hundred miles an hour down a residential avenue, not seeking at in which they are heading. We uncovered out even though generating that episode that that scene was absolutely improvised.

The key storyline of the Quickly & Furious series is anticipated to wrap up above the study course of the next two films, but hopefully the winning spirit of the franchise will extend to its prepared (and rumored) spinoffs. For those fascinated in finding out more about the driving-the-scenes elements of the box business behemoth, Icons Unearthed: Speedy & Furious is set to supply tales told from the writers, directors, stunt coordinators, actors, and other players involved in the franchise. The series is most likely to make any rewatch of the Quick & Furious movies, such as Fast Five, a gratifying a person.

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Icons Unearthed: Quickly & Furious premieres on January 9 by way of Vice Television set.