Management and business consulting firm Assuras Helping make an impact in Africa’s developing countries

When dealing with a new client, consultants have differing strategies. Some start from the top executives and meet one-on-one about their business goals and success. Others take an opposite approach and go straight into discussing what they can do for them without meeting face-to-face for months.

Assuras takes a different approach which has been proven successful over time; instead of starting at the executive level, the team jumps right into setting up meetings with employees who will be most impacted by those decisions coming out of those meetings.

The consulting firm has recently expanded its capabilities and opportunities beyond just the United States. The first project of it’s kind was assisting an organization in Kenya who work to provide education for young girls across Africa.

CEO Tyler King hopes to use these new experiences as platforms for success on a global scale- “This is exactly where we want to be positioned because this is where we can make the biggest impact.”

Strategies adhered to by Assuras are rare in this world, but these strategies can provide lasting success. Tyler King, CEO of Assuras and graduate from Harvard University’s prestigious program for leadership development, has been quoted as saying we do things differently. He states that Assuras specializes in Lean or Six Sigma methodologies as well as our own unique blend which we’ve found to be the best. As a consultant and expert on various topics of leadership and organizational management, he brings years of experience coupled with a variety of degrees.

Assuras has been busy sending out associates to different parts of Africa where they are given opportunities to work in areas that have never seen American success before. More than one person who has gone out on a mission with Assuras has called it life-changing, because it allows them to see some things they wouldn’t have otherwise ever experienced or even seen before.

Assuras’ associates are excited to share the knowledge they’ve gained while serving in Africa. After all, it’s a chance for them to give back and make a difference.

Assuras has partnered with organizations doing impactful work in some of the most underdeveloped parts of Africa. Partnering with people passionate about making an impact, Assuras team members are tackling these challenges head-on. “This is exactly what we want to be doing in the world – bettering other people and companies that they may in turn bring positive change to their communities at large.” says Assuras’ CEO.

Assuras Consulting Group focuses its efforts on solving problems that are not only long-lasting, but also truly existent in the present moment. Their ambition is to serve as a guide for their clients through all phases of business and cater to any potential or future obstacles that may arise – which include not only managing current situations, but also offering guidance on how to overcome possible threats in the future.

Their motto at Assuras consulting group embodies this mission; Better Business Means Better Lives.

The enterprise behind these words wants to pave the way for a healthier future, not just for its customers, but for the entire world. Through innovative thinking and an inclination towards solving challenges before they happen instead of right when they do (after all, businesses are constantly evolving), Assuras ensures its intentions are always successful in one form or another; whether through presenting solutions at first arrival or seeking guidance months before needed while still operating in accordance with its clients’ every request.