Things Only Fans Of The Franchise Noticed In Evil Dead: The Game

We all love movies and games, because they invoke emotions of joy, fear, and occasionally, anger. However, it can be better when something you love references another property you enjoy, or one medium makes the trip to another. Evil Dead: The Game is no exception.

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References in Evil Dead: The Game include returning characters and their usual outfits, the designs of the Deadites, locations from throughout the franchise, and lines of dialogue everyone has heard countless times before. Then there are the secrets you have to keep an eagle eye out for, and the blink-and-you-miss-it moments. Evil Dead: The Game has it all, and some references didn’t even make the list because there are so many.


10 The Sound Design And Dialogue

Evil Dead has always been known for the bloodcurdling sound design of the Deadites, which translates incredibly when using headphones. There’s no exception here, as these sounds work even better in the video game. The sound design takes pointers from its live-action counterpart, with demon howls seemingly using — or at least recreating — sound bites from the franchise.

There’s also the dialogue, where fan favorites recite their memorable catchphrases and just generally drop lines related to the other installments. Just count how often you hear Ash say “Hail to the king, baby.”

9 Decapitation By Shovel

At the climax of The Evil Dead, Ash decapitates his girlfriend Linda with a shovel, sending her head flying and turning the weapon into a franchise staple. Shovels are also one of the most common weapons you’ll find in the game, where during finishers, you too can decapitate your enemies Ash-style.

It’s one of the more subtle references in the game, and something you might not notice as an outsider to the Evil Dead universe. Combat with shovels is also especially brutal compared to other weapons in the game, ramping up the momentum.

8 The Cabin And Cellar

Most people will be aware of the iconic Evil Dead cabin, whether fans of the franchise or not. However, not everyone will be familiar with all the references within this cabin. There’s the Delta car parked right outside, the cellar door with Evil Dead 2’s Henrietta inside, franchise characters dead in the front room, and even the grand piano from the opening of the second film.

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If you’re wanting to visit the place with the best, and most, references to the franchise within the game, the Knowby cabin is where to go.

7 A Farewell To Arms

During Evil Dead 2, Ash cuts off his hand with a chainsaw after it becomes possessed. He then goes on to get his instantly recognizable chainsaw hand. Ash then places books on top of the sawed off hand to prevent it from escaping. At the top of that pile is A Farewell To Arms.

This same book can be found on multiple bookshelves in the two Evil Dead maps, though you may have difficulty finding it — some users are reporting texture quality issues as of release.

6 Bruce Raimi’s Grave

This easter egg isn’t as difficult to understand as it is to locate. First, you need to head to the cemetery and search for a headstone. Keep looking around until you spot one with “Bruce Raimi” on it. Most of these headstones share this text, so finding one will be easy once you know where to look.

This fun little detail is really easy to miss without knowing of its existence prior, as the last thing you’ll be thinking about is finding secrets when the Deadites are nipping at your heels.

5 Tape Recorder

Did you know that the tape recorder seen on the audio selection screen is the same one seen in the Evil Dead movies? Because of the way it’s positioned on the screen, it can be a little challenging to tell, but it’s the same one — a neat, yet subtle, reference.

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These recordings also look to be from the movies, or at least remarkably similar to them, and can be unlocked by completing the five story missions. They also work well as refreshers on story beats from the three films, as well as teaching newcomers about the Necronomicon.

4 Flute Playing Skeleton

The flutist skeleton from Army of Darkness appears a lot during online modes, increasing the damage and defense of nearby demons. For demon mains this is great, as it bolsters your allies. For survivors, it’s recommended to find and take out the flute player as quickly as possible, as they become a massive pain in the butt.

However, this doesn’t prevent you from being entertained by the first appearance, especially since you might not expect it to play such a significant role in the game. Try your hand at not jamming out to the catchy tunes these flutists play.

3 This Is My Boomstick

Every Evil Dead fan with an ounce of love for the universe knows of Ash’s most memorable line — “This is my Boomstick.” Luckily you can not only wield this weapon, but quickly and efficiently take out high defense enemies with the tool.

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While not as common to find as the standard shotgun, it’s definitely more entertaining to use, proving to be an excellent love letter to the fandom. Using the Boomstick feels even better while controlling Army of Darkness Ash Williams.

2 The Delta

Ash’s car from the very first Evil Dead film has gone by a whole assortment of names. One of the most commonly used is the ‘Delta’. This yellow car can be found parked outside Knowby Cabin, which you can then drive to move around the map faster.

Ash adores this ride, and it’s one of the easiest references to spot in the game. Don’t be too quick to jump into this car, though, as it’s essentially a magnet for bringing all the demons to your location. There’s even an achievement attached to driving this car as Ash, though this can be awkward to get unless it’s done in the online mode.

1 Demon Movement

When playing as a demon, the movement controls are the same as camerawork used for the demon’s POV in the movies. The fluidity of movement works exceptionally well for moving smoothly to find your prey and possess any environmental objects.

The demon POV is perhaps the most recognizable filmmaking asset from the franchise, with even the 2013 reimagining utilizing it in some capacity. Not many films use similar camera techniques to Evil Dead, which is what makes the movement of the demons so visually interesting.

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