Why Jason Momoa Is a Perfect Fit for the Franchise

When news broke in January 2022 of the Fast and Furious franchise’s decision to take on Jason Momoa as a cast member of its newest Fast and Furious 10 movie, fans were sent into a frenzy of excitement. Momoa, most famous for his roles in Aquaman and Dune, is already a well-known name among movie lovers, owing to his incredible versatility and talent as an actor. The addition of Momoa to the franchise has definitely given the Fast family an additional boost back into the spotlight.

The Fast and Furious franchise has gone through a lot since its first movie premiered in 2001. The fast cars, daring missions, and action-packed storylines soon became a fan favorite, turning Fast and Furious and its cast members into household names. The Fast family has seen many members join and drop out of its crew over the years. However, recruits to the franchise always fit into the “fast car – love for family trope” and fit the image of the movies perfectly. The addition of Jason Momoa is no different, with the previous performances of the actor making him more than qualified to join the Fast family.


Read on to find out why we think the actor is the perfect fit for the Fast and Furious franchise.

A Perfect Fit to Bridge the Gap

Jason Momoa
Warner Bros

The franchise’s decision to recruit Jason Momoa could not have come at a better time, given the dispute between Dwayne Johnson and Vin Diesel. The irreparable conflict resulted in Johnson’s exit from the franchise, leaving a void to be filled. Given the Fast and Furious franchise’s gravitation toward muscular, beefy men to take center stage in its movies, as can be seen through cast members Vin Diesel, Dwayne Johnson, and Jason Statham, filling the void would not have been easy. Given these circumstances, Jason Momoa emerges as the most obvious choice for the franchise, and many fans think no actor could have been more perfect for bridging the gap.

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Momoa has already gained a reputation as a tough-guy actor with an appearance to match this reputation. Fights, blood, and grit seem of no consequence to the actor who has proved himself in many action-packed movies such as Conan the Barbarian and Aquaman and TV series such as Frontier and Game of Thrones. The actor has also proved that he’s not merely muscles and fighting with his appearance as Joe Braven in Braven. The actor depicted a family man and owner of a logging company who fights to protect his family against a drug lord. This portrayal makes Momoa all the more suitable for the Fast and Furious franchise, in which family is a central theme.

Playing the “Flamboyant Bad Boy”

Jason Momoa as the Villain
Warner Bros

Speaking to Entertainment Tonight on March 1, 2022, Jason Momoa confirmed his presence in the movie and said he will be playing the villain in Fast and Furious 10.

“I’m gonna go do ‘Fast 10,’ that’s gonna be fun … it’s fun, I get to play the bad guy, which I haven’t gotten to do for a while. Now, I get to be the bad boy. A very flamboyant bad boy.”

Momoa playing the bad guy will also be a welcome variation to the actor’s usual roles. The actor is most often portrayed as the hero in films where he comes in to save the day. It will be fascinating to see how Momoa navigates his new role as a villain, and fans are more than excited to see what the actor brings to the table. Momoa’s talent to adapt to different roles with ease makes him all the more perfect for the part. It is entirely probable that Momoa will achieve success similar to that of Henry Cavill when Cavill switched to the role of a villain in Mission Impossible – Fallout from his usual hero roles.

A Boost for the Franchise

Universal Pictures

The Fast and Furious franchise has been in production for more than 20 years now, with its first movie being released in 2001. There is only so much fans can take of seeing familiar faces, no matter how action-packed and exciting the storyline of a franchise is. Given the reputation and loyal following Momoa has garnered for himself, the actor might be exactly what the franchise needs to gain even more attention than it already has. The fact that Momoa plays a villain and will therefore butt heads with Vin Diesel also becomes a plus point which offers variation to the movie. Fans of Momoa will no doubt be glued to the screens when Fast and Furious 10 finally premieres. Thus, the addition of Momoa to the cast will, no doubt, result in a boost for the Fast series.

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After quite a long run, the Fast and Furious franchise is drawing to a close, with the series scheduled to have a two-part finale. While the second part does not have an official release date yet, the first part of the movie, Fast and Furious 10 was initially scheduled to be released in April 2023. However, the release date has now been pushed back to May 19, 2023. Vin Diesel announced via his Instagram in February 2022 that filming for the movie was “minutes away” from commencing. It is most likely that fans can expect a theatrical release of the film, given that its predecessors were tremendous box office successes.

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