Sebastian Cruz Couture continues to revolutionise stylish and exclusive bold styles

For consumers that desire to look different each Sebastian Cruz Couture collection is aimed to offer a unique bold style, design, and one of a kind fabrics. Working to be exclusive needs knowledge, hard work, and vision, this is detected in their collection. Even celebrities and personalities including Ricky Whittle, Russel Wilson, Rami Malek, Marcus Scribner, Romain Bonnet, are attracted to their bold fashion style.

Keeping up with the rapidly changing fashion trends is challenging, especially when making a bold fashion statement. Fabric nowadays tend to be compromised and everyone looks similar. Sebastian Cruz Couture manufacturing units are all in Europe, and weavers all in France, Italy and UK. They offer designs targeted for all seasons at all times, which do not depend on seasonal collections. You can find new pieces on their site on a monthly basis.

One of their biggest value propositions is that customers can personalize their order by providing custom measurements. The garments can be tailored in a day and the shipping takes 2 to 3 days in the US. Of course, this is not the norm! The offer this express service for those customers that found the brand last minute. Items are also shipped across the globe via DHL. The customization of a luxury suit is done seamlessly because the designers have custom patterns of customers on file. Every dinner jacket collection can compete with the Tom Ford, Dolce & Gabbana creations. Now a days, a dinner jacket look has become the popular choice for wearing at weddings and events in style.

Co-Founder Cesar Cruz handles the social media branding. He identified the opportunities to take advantage of in the fashion world. In their starting days, they produced innovative handmade pocket squares. They used a franchise model and operated from different retail locations and independent stores. During that learning process the stars aligned for them to design complete head to toe looks.

The franchise model was terminated in 2016 and the business is now under sole proprietorship. The new concept started and soon the company rose to new heights and there is no looking back. They are focused and known for Educating consumers on the importance of dressing well, Inspiring them with their social media content (daily looks) and empowering them with their products. To their core, they are loyal to their loyal customers. Their number one mission is to earn someone’s loyalty.

Sebastian Cruz Couture has been featured in popular media outlets including Forbes, Entrepreneur, US Weekly, Mensjournal, Eurasian Vogue, Haute Living, Net News, IB Times, Daily Mail, LA Weekly, and more. The online exclusive store ensures well-fitted garments for the bold. For fitting customization, the store has existing customers’ pattern on file and new customers can take their measurements to find their size with their simple tutorial on their find your fit page.

The models for Sebastian Cruz Couture are their customers. They seem confident, comfortable, and excited to share their pictures with the brand, where the brand shares the content in their Instagram stories under the customer highlights.

In the digital era, fashion trends need to go above and beyond to stand out and lead amongst trendy clients. Sebastian Cruz Couture is a fashion house that understands how to blend uniqueness and harmony!