Washington Commanders Issue Letter Refuting Financial Allegations; What Does It Mean?

The Washington Commanders have had lots of losing around them, and we’re not just talking about games. 

Tanya and Dan Snyder

Co-owners of the Washington Commanders, Dan and Tanya Snyder.

Dan Snyder Buffalo

Co-owner of the Washington Commanders, Dan Snyder.

Washington Commanders

Washington Commanders crest, established in 2022.

According to accusations, employees have been violated, mistreated, and abused, fans have been ripped off, and profits intended to be shared with other NFL franchises have been misrepresented in an effort to keep the money in-house as much as possible.

Former player LaVar Arrington wants a public apology, attorneys general are making bold statements, and fans are on the verge of giving the team up for good with some forsaking decades of family tradition in the process.